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Dream, Explore, Share, Learn, Live
The key to our future...


Who are you?



Between nature and madness ...

From a very young age, I detect the image as a world apart, where I could see the universe while hiding behind my camera ...

I have both my soothing and wild side, I try to bring nature and the human in a protective aura, to get an image of "truth", a poetic intuition of reality ...

What are doing?



I'm sailing with time...

I'surf on new waves of news.

I have new experiences.

But above all I am a photographer for 15 years and today I want in image, the reflection of each thing, their deep nature, the thought of their heart.


What do you believe in?


Sharing to better understand, learn and evolve in life ...

Who do you work with?


With publishing houses, where I just made a book on the Basque Country, communication agencies, travel, real estate, fashion and nature magazines.

I constantly feed on human sensibility, to best evoke their choice.

The animal environment attracts me a lot, I would simply like to understand them.

I work for animal and humanitarian associations.

Also trainer, because I like to share my passion in a workshop full nature, where I feel the best ...

© Aurore Lucas

Any reproduction prohibited without the authorization of the author

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